How to Kickstart your freelance career in 2022

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How to Kickstart your freelance career in 2022

People might think that being a freelancer is an easy job. The truth is something different. Freelancing is more or less like a business. There are downfalls in it also. You may get frustrated and doubtful at times. 

When your freelance business is not growing and you are at the same place where you have been 2 years back, then it’s time to kickstart your freelance career.

Now, what does it mean to have kickstart your freelance career?

Just like standing water is of no use, your static freelance career is of no use. Kickstart means bringing a change in your career by bringing a change in the procedure, business goals, or a major change by learning a new skill.

These are only small changes that you have to make in order to get more projects. If you will get more projects by just learning a new skill and also this new skill enhances your present skillset, then what’s the loss?

When your freelance career need a kickstart

The various signs are:

1. Your revenue generation has become constant and it is not increasing despite many attempts.

2. You are not getting new projects as your skills have become outdated

3. Same clients for years

Now How to kickstart the stagnant freelance career?

Learn a new skill

If you’re burnt out on doing the same work consistently, have a go at learning a new skill. This will not only help you to get new employers or projects, but also give you a chance to pitch to old clients and offer them something new.

Increase your Prices

If you think you are lacking behind, you are providing the best services and that too on time, still, your revenue is not increasing, then start reconsidering your worth and increase your prices. Might be with increased prices, you will get serious clients for freelancer work.

Work as a Team

If you’re working as an individual, then start thinking to work as a team. As an individual, you are serving clients with only one or two services, but with a team having different skilled people, you will be able to capture more clients as you can offer multiple services. This will kickstart your freelance business.

Change with the market

The market is volatile in nature. It keeps on changing frequently. Today’s needs could become an outdated experience tomorrow. Thus, to kickstart your freelance business, you must evolve with the market. If your market demands that a data entry operator must have some social media skills, then you must learn that. This will enhance your personal growth and could help you in gaining more clients.

Do Promote your profile

To kickstart your freelance business, start working on your profile. Enhance your credibility by creating a personal professional website where people can see samples of your work and information about your company when they search for you. Also, be active on every social media handle, especially on that which your target audience is using. Engage them with interesting social media posts. Another option is email: develop content that your audience wants and send it to them with a single click.


These are some of the ideas through which you can kickstart your freelance business. Find the right start for you and your freelance business from the given ideas. Any new thing will take time to get in shape but with your hard work and dedication, it will pay you benefits.

Seema Jain

Author Since: 01/02/2022

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